Video Design by Sean Harris

452 Films proudly brings you, 452 Video Design. This is a free web service now, that allows people like you guys, that enjoy watching videos like ours, to be able to get your video designed FOR FREE by the same editor ( Sean Harris ), as the 452 Films videos! All you do is send us an email, through the contact page, and you can transfer your videos to me, either by email, msn, or aim, and I will edit the video for you, and make it fun to watch, ALL FOR FREE.

The downside. I can only edit with MPEG, MPG, WMV, AVI, and other Windows Playable files. Right, that means no MP4's, or MOV files. Now, although I will upload the video to the server for you to download back onto your computer, I will only allow it to stay on there for so long. You may upload it to your server, or youtube/myspace/facebook page. If you wish to keep it on my server for an extended amount of time, I will do so, but with a payment.

1 week = Free ------- 1 month = $2 ------- 1 year = $8 ------- Over 1 year = $16