Welcome to the official 452 Films website!

452 Films is a freeride team from Denmark, Maine. We ride for fun, and make videos to show off what we do for fun. We're not very serious, but if you enjoy watching amateur videos, check us out! What's the difference between this site, and any other site ever made for Extreme Films / 452 Films you may ask? Well, TONS! It has an actual video page with clickable links and a picture preview of the video! It has a rollover photo album, so no new pages to slow you down! A video design page ( check it out, it's a great deal! ). The contact page is old news, and it explains itself anyways, and the music page, that's new as well. CHECK OUT THE WHOLE SITE!

An all new website with updates? COOL!

Hey everyone, most of you remember us as Extreme Films Productions ( which, the films weren't very extreme ), so we picked a better name! 452 Films. I know, original, right? Well, at least its something. We're not exactly a team, more so a group of friends that enjoy riding everything from 4-wheelers, to trucks, to snowmobiles and mountain bikes. We dont go as big as you may have hoped, but we just enjoy having fun with the money we have.